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IVO TETTAMANTI was the saving grace of the company!

True...he has a lot of charm and class, which is more than can be sad about

Dragan Dimovski!!!

Ivo is also a total pro though, thanks to him I work internationally and have just returned from Milan.

He thought me everything I know with so very much kindness and patience.

Unfortunately Ivo realised what a Cheat Dragan turned out to be early on...and got out luckily.

So for all of you blaming Ivo for your lack of success in the industry....Don't!

You mustn't have what it takes girls and boys!


Ivo started many international careers in HIGH fashion for Aussie models like me and his wisdom and insights are very valuable, unlike Dragan's C-Grade, newcomer advice.

Ivo you're a Leg

I owe you all.

Eternal thanks

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Longueville, New South Wales, Australia #928748

Who wrote this comment?

It's a bit hard to believe when it's posted anonymously.

Gear Model Management - Dragan Dimovski from "Real People"

Epping,New South Wales
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Dragan Dimovski from the company Real People is a liar, thief, cheat and a fraud. Do not trust this guy as he will take your money and not do a thing for you.

His office is in Surry hills and he claims to be number one agency in sydney - LIAR!!!!

He claims to help up and coming actors and models get work for a "small" fee, but he just takes your money and does not give you any work. Other agencies don't even charge you a fraction of what he does.

He is a dirty rotten scoundrel, people BEWARE!!!!

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has anyone actually taken these guys to court over all of this?


He is the *** the cat dosen't cover!


Bummer man, liar and charlatan! This deshonest man use people incluided his dog!!


Dragan Dimovski from the company Real People is a liar, thief, cheat and a fraud.Do not trust this guy as he will take your money and not do a thing for you.

Beware of Dragan Dimovski!

He is a cheat and liar!!!'

A typical Yugoslav psychopath!

He claims to help up and coming actors and models get work for a "small" fee, but he just takes your money and does not give you any work.Other agencies don't even charge you a fraction of what he does.



IS *** UP


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #905277

I have just returned from Milan where I successfully worked the European markets.

I OWE this entirely to Ivo Tettamanti!

His wisdom, patience, insights and industry knowledge have taught me everything I know.

I have followed lvo through different agencies, as I would trust no one else to handle my bookings.

Seeing all these horrible comments about people makes me very sad!

In order to make such comments, you must be unsuccessful, unsuitable and not what industry requires!!!! Certainly not take your frustration out on Ivo Tettamanti...

When really you were taken on into REAL PEOPLE COMMERCIAL FACES not GEAR MODEL MGMT! 2 different agencies....get it people!!!!????? Models never pay joining fees!!!!!! Haha Ivo Tettamanti constantly stresses how it is against the law...

And to walk out the door if an agent asked you for money. IVO TETTAMANTI had launched many international fashion careers like my own.... Because when you are successful... You work in Milan, Paris etc like me....and not in Sydney.

Ivo has always had a strong focus on the overseas market and I was placed within six months! ;) I Love my life as an international model!

Ivo thank you so much! X

to Jemma Chicago, Illinois, United States #906224

Ivo you have got to be the most desperate and sad individual I've ever come across. Charlatan.

to Jemma #906684


You write JUST LIKE IVO!!!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #905272

Ivo Tettamanti was the ONLY professional asset the company was ever lucky enough to obtain!!!!

to Lara Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #907810

Are you the same Lara that wrote "Ivo Tettamanti is a sociopath, liar and completely immoral."?

Or are you Ivo Tettamanti pretending to be Lara?

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #827827

Ivo Tettamanti is a sociopath, liar and completely immoral. Avoid this guy, and don't be taken in by his ability to turn on the charm. Underneath the facade he is bitter, nasty and self obsessed in the extreme.

to Lara #843022

Sadly Lara you are not the first to say that Ivo Tettamanti is a lying immoral sociopath.

Many have been taken in by his apparent charm only to be cheated and hurt by him.

Ivo is definitely a man to be avoided.

Do not give him the benefit of doubt, you will only regret it!

Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia #751173


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #719870

I heard there was this guy that really screwed up his business, Ivo Tettamanti or something?? I heard he also really damaged other agencies prior to that too... :P

to Jolly Molly Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #740694

Ivo Tettamanti has been ripping people off in Sydney for the best part of the last 20 years - both clients and employers.

Prospective employers beware.

Even if he doesn't rip you off directly, Mr Tettamanti will damage your business.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #719860

Maybe all should contact the head office in Melbourne. As I understand, it's them that are still doing the deed...

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #719849

Yeah, I heard Dragan went into business with a bunch of frauds down in Melbourne also called Real People. I know he was just following their directions.

Dragan later opened his own agency with no joining cost..

Thats why I joined.. :grin

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #678842

I realised the day after he took my money that the photographer, is actually his company, he made out they are completely nothing to do with him, and they are also a fee, nothing to do with him, he does not get that money. Lucky, i cancelled the photographer appointment before I lost more money!!!

He is really one of the worst fraudsters out there. The nice offices look like it is genuine but looking back, he really is just very good at being a fraud. I signed the contract... of course, he said this opportunity would not be available if I went away to think about it, because he is only putting a certain number on the books, of course now I see the real people advertising for months after, a complete scam.

Silly me believing, he gets desperate people looking for work, who get caught because they are desperate to make money, makes you believe you will make thousands per job, you put the $400 on the credit card. Gives you a few, sheets of the people advertising agencies are looking for, surprise surprise, you match the description, like you are the next Rhonda, even though you have no acting skills, and those types of jobs are for professionals. Was only after extras work. I could not get the $400 back......

i reckon this fraudster type thing would make a good story if we combined forces..... That is a lot of money.... when I walked away I felt something was fishy, so started googling him and realised he owned the photography company, and two and two together it was a scam.... but when I asked for my money back and told him he was a fraud...

he was very smug saying, bad luck you signed the contract which states no refund... also when he got me to sign the contract, he stated what the small print said, so you would not actually read it. What a scam, and feel like an ***, but he is good at what he does.

I would still really like my $400 back... as it is a lot of money.

to Nicole Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #682045

Take the case to The Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT). You can lodge a complaint online at

This *** has a record there and I think you will win the case.

to nicky Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #827845

Yes that is good advise as I did the exact same thing and got my $550 back from him. EVERYONE WHO DRAGAN DIMOVSKI HAS STOLEN FROM< TAKE HIM TO THE CTTT (consumer, trader, tenancy tribunal).

Good luck.



I got work from them within 2 weeks of joining the agency and have found him to be nothing but pleasant, professional and honest. Get a life .

to Hmm Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #827846

yeah right you liar... get a life DRAGON and stop stealing from people. and stop replying to reviews in defence of your disgusting bad character.


Perhaps you don't have what the industry is looking for at the moment. I got signed up and had one casting job, which i did not get.

Perhaps you should not blame people that are trying to get you work, but be realistic of what you have to offer.

There are a lot of people out there doing the same thing, and by your reaction, you probably don't have the nerves for it... And I think if in the agreement it is stated that they can not garante you work, how can you get cheated or tricked?

to Maya Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #682052

not only are you a crook dragan but your so sad!! writing reviews for yourself, how pathetic can a man be.

karama is going to get you one of these days mate, and when it does you'll remember this post and all the people you've tricked and stolen money from.

to ivan Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #719864

Thats very *** of you... lol


I been to the office to sign up my two kids 4 months ago, my boy Ross got three jobs so fare and Danny got a free shoot and photos out of it from a startup photographer needing kids. Didn't look like a scam.

They also got me to sign an agreement that they can't guarantee you"ll be getting work.

So I though, why not, I'll give it a shot!! :)


"we" .... ha please! this is probably that dragon guy himself writing these posts haha what a loser


Did a lot for us.. ! Thank you Real People!

to Dave Rossi Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #682050

Get a life dragon dimovski. Why don't you try getting a real job so you can stop stealing from innocent hardworking people?!

"Dragon Dimovski = lowlife loser"


We got heaps of work from them. I been with them for 6 years.. :) :)

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